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A Statement of Goals and Objectives


Neighborhood House operates as a Co-operative Society and as such the Centre aims to utilise and adhere to the principles set out within the Co-operatives Act 1981.  In addition to operating within the co-operative community framework, the Centre abides by the Children’s Services Regulations of Victoria formulated under the Health Act 1958, by the Governor in Council, December 1988.  Being a Co-operative Children’s Centre, our aims and objectives are twofold.


First, as a multi-funded body in having subsidy from all three levels of Government (local, state and federal), the South Melbourne Child Care Co-operative aims to continue to work within the policies and rules maintained by each organisation for conditions of subsidy, in addition to the Policies and Guidelines pertaining to our own Centre.  We also endeavour to work with the various Government-based agencies that both provide for and require assistance from our organisation.


Second, as an integrated "Care and Integration Centre", the broader objectives include:

  • To build and foster each child’s self-esteem by developing strong feelings of selfworth.  Children learn through direct experiences and self-selection, as each child is an individual with his/her own strengths, needs and interests.

  • Through play to encourage co-operation, consideration, decision-making, self-motivation and unbiased attitudes.

  • To encourage children to express themselves, communicate with and listen to others, and to make decisions and accept the consequences, with particular sensitivity to their cultural and linguistic background.

  • To extend and complement the home by providing a loving, stable and secure environment in which each child can develop to his/her fullest potential.

  • To recognise that each family is important and we aim to support parents in the care and upbringing of their children.

  • To provide a program that incorporates a wide range of multicultural experiences and perspectives.

  • To encourage parents to participate in the Centre’s program according to their own needs, interests and opportunities.

  • To involve the Centre in the community by taking an interest in other groups and inviting others to share in our program.

  • For children to be aware of their local community and the facilities that exist, so they feel confident and at ease when venturing forth.

  • To employ staff who possess knowledge of the emotional and developmental needs of the children, and through inservice workshops we aim to extend their skills.  Our staff must be nurturing, sensitive and committed to the wellbeing of the children and parents at the Centre.

  • To provide good working conditions for the staff to encourage stable and lasting relationships to develop between them and the Centre.

  • To maintain high standards of hygiene and care.

  • To provide children with a nutritious and balanced diet for which both parents and children have the opportunity to provide suggestions and changes.

  • We strongly believe that communication is the basis of a happy Centre.


Finally, our overall aim and objective is to provide the utmost quality care incorporating educational and developmentally-based programs in an environment that encourages both parent and community input and co-operation.

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