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The Neighborhood House in Carter Street Albert Park that stands before you today was once an old dairy. It is a reincarnation of four local mum’s dreams.

First established in 1977 at a townhouse on Bridport Street in Albert Park by a group of women who offered a 16 place childcare centre, Neighborhood House has come a long way.

One constant to have remained for the majority of its life is Centre Director Kate Hall.

Kate joined Neighborhood House a young passionate childcare Educator in the early 1980s. In her 38 year involvement with the childcare sector, 34 years of which have been at Neighborhood House, her dedication to the children in her care and to the industry has never wavered. She has played an integral role in the reputation that this community-based centre has within the community, council and the media as providing the highest quality of care.

Now well established, stable and high functioning, Neighborhood House runs as an independent co-operative that encourages parent and supportive participation in the overall management of Neighborhood House.

A board of 8 Directors who are a combination of both past and present parents, oversee the operation of the centre.

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