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Food & Catering



Neighborhood House plans and offers a well-balanced diet. Special consideration and awareness is given to vegetarian meals and individual special needs. If your child has any dietary needs, please advise the staff. Each week a different child has a turn to choose their favourite dish, which is included on the menu.

The Centre provides daily morning and afternoon teas as well as lunch for children.

Morning Tea consists of fruit platters and milk or water. 

Lunch consists of a balanced meal appropriate to the season which also incorporates the five food types, followed by a fruit platter. Water is offered with lunch. 

Afternoon Tea consists of fruit platters and milk or water, followed by platters of mixed sandwiches with Vegemite and cheese.

NB: Neighborhood House is a ‘Peanut Free Zone’. 



Details of any food or other allergies recorded on the enrolment form are included on the information cards in each room, as well as being placed on the appropriate room wall by staff. An Allergy Action Plan is also formulated in consultation with medical services. The kitchen also has a listing of all food allergies.


At the end of each week, the Centre Cook provides the Director with the following week’s menu. It is approved (or adjusted if necessary) and then displayed on the Office window. This informs parents of their child’s nutritional intake and also assists if they wish to avoid duplication of meals at home.

Please Note: We invite all parents to make suggestions for the menu and provide your child’s favourite recipes. Your input would be most appreciated. Please refer to the Foyer or see staff directly.




Children who arrive between 8:00-8:45 am are welcome to bring their own breakfast to eat at Neighborhood House. A special table is set up for this purpose until 8:45am.



Food Safety Act

Neighborhood House scrupulously observes the provisions of the Victorian Food Act 1984. The kitchen is inspected regularly by the City of Port Phillip’s Food Services Department. Our staff are trained in kitchen hygiene and the correct management of food. An External Audit of our practices is conducted each year.

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