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Structure of Rooms

Criteria for Early Learners, Kindergarten and Preschool

Children Neighborhood House is divided into three different areas: Early Learners (12 months to 3 years), Kindergarten children (3 to 4 years) and Preschool children (4 years to school age). There is ongoing review and an emphasis on family and mixed-age groupings wherever possible.

Each child is reviewed in the following areas:

1. Interests
2. Concentration
3. Self-help
4. Cognitive
5. Social
6. Emotional
7. Physical

A program is then developed to enhance your child’s skills and follow his/her interests. An annual review process is conducted with parents to discuss the child’s progress. Staff review each child’s progress regularly and all group goals are reviewed in a daily planning session conducted weekly.

Preschool Education

The Preschool Room at Neighborhood House is recognised and approved by the Department of Education as a 4 Year old Funded Kindergarten Program. The program/curriculum is developed and delivered by a fully qualified Kindergarten teacher and is equivalent to an external sessional Kindergarten. 

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