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Please note that Neighborhood House is now managing our own waiting list from 1 January 2024.


You can submit an online application here.

We therefore are not part of the CoPP CSIRE Waiting List from 1 January 2024 onwards and if you are interested in your child/children attending Neighborhood House you need to contact us directly.

We will register your details, stay in touch with you directly and offer our own places when vacancies occur.

Please feel free to contact us at any point in time to discuss your enrolment needs, ask any questions or to arrange an individual tour of our home away from home.  Our contact details are (03) 9699 9257 or via email on


Once a place has become available there is a certain procedure that must be followed.  There are two periods when vacancies occur - either at the beginning of each year (generally organisation of enrolments for the new year is begun in early August of the previous year), or when vacancies arise throughout the year.

In the first instance, all parents who wish their child/children to continue at Neighborhood House in the following year must re-apply for care.  In the event that a parent doesn't re-apply for care, it will be accepted that care is no longer required.  (Applications for care are sent to all existing users in August for each year.)

When a vacancy occurs the following procedure is adopted:

  1. All current members' care is assessed, making sure all users have the care they require before allocating the care to a new member.

  2. The Priority of Access, as set out by the Department of Social Servies are followed.

  3. The vacancy is offered to the eligible parent, who must confirm the enrolment within the required timeframe.

  4. Parents are invited to an orientation at the Centre (see "Enrolment & Orientation Policy") where they are given a full tour of the Centre with an explanation of the service provided, introduced to the staff who will be working with their children, and discuss the following matters with the Director:

  • Introduction to the Centre

  • Awareness of policies and principles

  • Arranging for necessary forms to be completed and returned ASAP

  • Payment of share/membership

  • Background information on their child/children

  • An individual settling-in procedure is discussed and agreed upon, based on the child's background, the parent's wishes and the Director's professional experience.


Please feel free to contact me at any stage regarding your application or queries that you may happen to have in relation to childcare at Neighborhood House.


Yours sincerely,



Kate Hall


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