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Weekly Catering & Menus


There are few things in life that bring people closer together than sharing experiences associated with food. For children, much of their day is set around meal times.

At Neighborhood House a lot of discussion revolves around what we are having for breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. From the time our cook arrives for work he is inundated with questions from inquisitive children interested in what he is doing in the kitchen.

Situated in the middle of Neighborhood House, the kitchen really is central to our daily activities and the delightful smells waft through the centre welcoming parents and children as they arrive in the morning.

From the preparation of meals right through to sitting down with their friends at the table, our children learn the importance of nutrition, eating good food and above all sharing the experience.

Our menu reflects the seasons. Warm comforting meals are served on cold winter days and refreshing sandwiches are prepared for when the sun is shining. This is is topped off with lots of fruit and the occasional treat is offered to help celebrate a birthday or other special events.

Neighborhood House accommodates children’s dietary requirements and allergies are strictly catered for. Details of food or other allergies are recorded on your child’s enrolment form and this information is recorded in each room. An Allergy Action Plan is also formulated in consultation with medical services for children with allergies.


The menu for the month can be downloaded here.




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