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Cohesive flow of information between your child and our staff is a high priority for all of us at Neighborhood House.

We take an interest in our children’s whole little world. When a new brother or sister arrives into the family, a house move is coming up or other changes that may affect the way your special little one is feeling, we will pay extra attention in making sure everything is OK.

We know that our children like to be reminded of, and talk about their family when they are at Neighborhood House. Our parents tell us too that when they’re at home, they talk about us, their day and their friends.

To bring everyone into the loop, we have developed children’s portfolios that are extensive and unique to your child and our centre. These portfolios tell the story of our children’s lives at home and at Neighborhood House and the book travels between the two. They include stories, photos, likes and dislikes, thoughts, dreams and aspirations. Every week they are updated and at least every month there is a new entry from us. The portfolio is presented to each child on Neighborhood House Graduation Day. What a keepsake!

Parents are encouraged to add a family photo to the Neighborhood House portrait tables located in our three rooms. Our children love seeing Mum, Dad and other family members when they’re with us and are very proud to show you off to their friends.

If you have any concerns, requests or questions about your child’s development, please discuss this with us at any time. A meeting can be booked in with the room Team Leader on a day that this staff member has allocated for planning. Formal parent/staff interview sessions are conducted and recorded annually.

Policies and Procedures

Please remember that all our centre policies are available on our website for your reference (under the Parent Login section).  These policies are the collaboration of and contribution from;

  • the Board of Directors

  • Our Professional team

  • Our Families

  • The children

  • Local Community

  • Current expert recommendations and research


Always feel welcome to contact Kate or any Board member if you wish to contribute to these policies in anyway.  They are updated regularly and we value everyone’s ideas, contribution and expertise.

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